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A Little About This Site

On here you will find some simple examples of what's possible to incorporate in a website. The examples are certainly not exhaustive, especially considering customization. Look at several other websites as well, and you'll find a seamingly infinite amount of ideas for your site. We suggest that you don't try to use all of the features shown on our site, or tons of any other cool looking features from other sites. Too many "gadgets" will detract from your company's message. Some will work for you and some won't. That's part of the fun in designing your own website!

A Little About the Owner

After selling my Martial Arts school where I taught for 9 years, I returned to college and received a Master degree in IT. It was only after graduating that I discovered how difficult it would be to enter this field professionally as a newbie at my age. So, I decided to do what I had been flirting with doing for more than 20 years...code. Code websites, code apps for phones, code custom programs, whatever.

Because of my love for puzzles, challenges and simply helping to solve real-world problems through my talents, programming became the obvious direction for me to go. In addition, my extensive background in troubleshooting various technologies throughout the years had given me some unique skills which fit well with developing. Being in a position that didn't afford me the opportunity to pay for more schooling, I took it upon myself to devour as much learning material about programming as I could handle; Android™, Java™, and web technologies. Even now, when I can call myself a "self-taught" developer, I continue to advance my skills in what I already know, and learn about the technologies that I doesn't.

I currently live in São Paulo, Brazil, with my wife and three dogs. I teach private English classes there (The English Asset), and build websites and apps.

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Brainstorming the Project

We sit down with you to find out what you would like and what you need. We then provide our knowledge and expertise to arrive at the perfect solution that will fit your budget and maximize your return. This includes a domain name if necessary, security certificates if necessary, and hosting decisions. Everything required to create, install, secure, and maintain your website.

Building the Site

After we design your site, it's time to construct it. Our experts work quickly and mindfully to develop the website you had envisioned.


Fine Tuning

Before the site goes live, we again work with you to make sure we didn't leave any stone unturned.

Finishing Touches & Beyond

Upon approval, we will then upload your site either to our server, where we can take care of its management, or to the server of your choice and let your team manage it.

Below are samples of our work.


(Most of these are not designed for cell phone use.)
Human Concept Group

A Coaching/Training Company


A CMS for Schools (Not designed for mobile devices)

Ana Reorganize

A Life/Organization Coaching Company

The English Asset

A Private English Teacher in Brazil


Keep watching!


Keep watching!


Simple Weather App

One Type of Weather App

Weather Scraper

Another Type of Weather App


A Private e-Diary App

Quote Generator

Get A Random Inspirational Quote

Chris Squire

A Simple Biography Page

Wikipedia Viewer

Wikipedia Interface App



Sample e-Commerce Site


Keep watching!


Keep watching!


foodEZE App

Fast Food Locator App for Android


Real-time Clock w/Animated Runner


Keep watching!